Smart AirCon Remote Control (Singapore)

(BXT-590 IR Motedem)

SmartAirCon IR Motedem Universal Intelligent Remote Controller Smart Home Smart Air Conditioning with IOS / Android App

What is SmartAirCon?

SmartAirCon is an indoor climate control solution that combines the use of a spare smartphone or tablet, a BLE-to-IR extender and an app. Using an app, it allows users to easily setup and control legacy-IR controlled appliances such as air conditioners, fans, dehumidifiers or air purifiers. It aims to provide comfort, convenience & control at the same time.

  • Support 95% air conditioners and fans at the market
  • No wires and installation needed. Just plug in, download the App, and ready to go!
  • Re-use your spare Smartphone / Tablet at home, let it be your indoor climate control panel
  • Energy saving "Sleep profile" available, save up to 3-10% of your AC electricity bill every night!
  • Offsite control via internet connection, control & monitor your home temperature anytime, anywhere!
  • 12 Month Local Warranty (Singapore)

Total Control

With SmartAirCon App, you can control every Infrared controlled appliance such as ACs, Fans or even AV devices.

Offsite Control

Monitor & Control home tempreature even you are
away. You can now pre-cool your home before you arrive.


Pre-set everyday operation timetable for ACs and Fans.
Set up the profile that suit you best.

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